Family Guides :Your Key to Vacation Success

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Single parents rarely have enough time to themselves, and this can go double for anyone who takes their kids on vacation. With all the time you’ll have to spend watching, supervising, dealing with complaints, thinking about safety, and problem-solving :not to mention packing and planning beforehand :it might seem downright unfeasible to expect that you’ll; have any time to enjoy yourself. That’s where the experience and helpfulness of a family guide comes in, to rescue your potential vacation disaster and turn it into an unforgettable experience that will bring your family closer together than ever before.

Previously, we looked at methods and strategies for finding, choosing, and checking the background of a family guide, based on their work experience and qualifications. After you’ve chosen one, it’s important to be informed about specifically how your guide can best be utilized to make sure everyone has a great time on vacation :and that includes you!

Starting just after you’ve signed your contract, there are a multitude of ways your guide can be an invaluable aid, including before anyone’s set foot on an airplane or even bought tickets. For example:

1. Setting an Itinerary and Packing Up. Hopefully, you were able to choose a family guide that is familiar with the area you’re planning to travel to. As such, your guide will be able to determine exactly what items you’ll need to bring along besides the usual essentials, and will furthermore be a great asset in planning your schedule of travel and activities. When to embark, the best time to arrive, what sorts of sights you’ll enjoy and the best windows of opportunity to see them :these are all areas in which you can let your family guide’s experience and knowledge take the lead.

2. Preserving Your Privacy. Your first priority is always your children :but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time on your own, at least for a night or two. Your family guide will be more than happy to take the kids off your hands for an occasional afternoon or evening, so you can catch a breather, visit a spa or nightclub, or just experience a little alone time, knowing that your family is in safe, responsible hands. What a nice feeling it’ll be to not have to worry about getting their vegetables eaten, teeth brushed, and pajamas on while you’re sipping a margarita or relaxing under the gentle pressure of an expert masseuse’s hands!

Naturally you’ll want your kids to have their own privacy as well :just not from you! While you’re away, your family guide should be taking mental notes, and can report the night’s events (both good and bad) in detail to you the next morning. You want to be kept in the loop about the behavior of your children, but only you, so make sure that a confidentiality clause is a part of your employment contract with the guide, legally barring them from disclosing any private information about your family or their activities to anyone but you.

3. Personalize and Adjust. A good family guide will have their own style of leading, but should never be so rigid that they can’t adjust themselves to suit the needs and desires of you and your kids. Whatever it is you want to do, whatever sights your kids want to see or fun activities they want to experience, the family guide should make it his or her priority to sculpt the itinerary, pace, and course of the vacation to meet your needs :not the other way around.

4. Keep Things Interesting. While you may immediately see a whole host of fun and educational activities available to your family while you’re away, convincing your kids to keep an open mind and take part in the fun of seeing new sights and having new adventures can be a difficult task in and of itself. Luckily, your family guide can pitch in here as well, helping to set simple goals and keep everyone engaged and ready to tackle each day with vigor and enthusiasm. Whether it’s trying a new and delectable dish, visiting a park or historical site, or learning a few words in a new language, you’ll be that much freer to enjoy yourself knowing that your children are having fun and learning :a good thing, considering all the effort and expense that’s gone into planning and executing this vacation.

We’ve listed above just a few of the many ways that family guide can spell the difference between a vacation ordeal and a truly memorable experience that will help your whole family bond together as a unit, giving you all memories to cherish for years to come. The next time you plan a vacation, why not consider taking along a family guide for everyone’s benefit?

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