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More than 5,000 years of civilised history combined with luxurious river cruises and heaps of investment on a few super-modern resorts leaves Egypt with a multi-faceted holiday offering make Egypt an excellent place to have an inexpensive October vacation.Cairo The city of Cairo sits by the side of the River Nile and surfaced as an important trading point in mediaeval times thanks largely to its proximity to fairly much the greatest man-made site the planet has ever seen. The Giza Plateau is the area on which stands the Great Pyramid of Khufu (and its two slightly smaller siblings), the Sphinx, and a entire host of other temples and interesting sights.

The Cairo Museum houses hundreds of thousands of artefacts ranging back over 6,000 many years and it’s said that if you were to view each exhibit for just one second each then it might take a fortnight to see everything in here! Clearly it helps in the event you can plan your visit before you arrive – many people wish to see the massive collection of treasure discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun, the highlight being that stunning work of art, the Gold Funeral Mask under which the mummified pharaoh himself was found.

Modern-day Cairo itself has an amazing hubbub, with numerous winding streets and alleys, typically with lots of market stallholders all vying for your opportunity to bargain a deal. However the Great Pyramid is Cairo’s primary showpiece, obviously – absolutely nothing can prepare you for the utter dimension of this wonderful object, and it’s difficult to think that it could even be possible to construct something of such amazing stature. Just as impressive is the Sphinx; the huge stone carving that actually does seem to enigmatically guard the Giza Plateau.

Cruising Down The Nile A quirk of Egyptian geography means that the landscapes throughout this huge country are really really lavish and verdant within a hundred or so metres of either side of the River Nile, after which barren desert practically almost everywhere else! As most of Egypt’s civilisation and history developed by the banks of the Nile, then the very best way of seeing everything is, naturally, via a relaxing luxury Nile cruise. Many Egypt cruise itineraries take in world-famous websites such as Aswan (an historical trading town now most famous for the nearby Dam built a few decades back), Karnak (the self-proclaimed “largest open air museum in the world”), and Luxor (the perfect base whenever going to the Valley Of the Kings).

The Red Sea Riviera Back in the 80s, in order to attract more tourist investment, an enormous amount of money was spent on several specially developed seaside resorts to take benefit of the crystal-clear waters, golden sands and world-class scuba diving provided by the Red Sea. The best known are Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Makadi Bay, and all offer a great option of latest or recently-built air-conditioned accommodation with numerous 4-star and 5-star hotels available. Nearly all offer all-inclusive board basis too, which means even better value for cash – so you have a small extra money to bargain with at the local markets!

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