Exploring Egypt on a luxury Nile cruise

December 20, 2011   Filed under Travel

A River Nile cruise offers a luxurious and comfortable way to explore Egypt’s ancient past, as well as witnessing modern day life. The Nile is lined with some of the world’s oldest landmarks and cities, with views from the river taking in the everyday life of Egyptians who are working in the fields, on the river and in the towns.

Every Nile cruise operator will have a different itinerary, but there are a few standard sights to expect to see. One of Egypt’s most important historical sites that sits on the bank of the Nile is the Valley of the Kings. This 1000 year old site is home to the tombs of Pharaohs, and was the last resting place of Egyptian kings for over 600 years,

Luxor Temple – built in 1400BC – like many of Egypt’s ancient relics is like an outdoor museum, where visitors can spend time walking around the temple and gazing at the impressive duo of the Ramesses II Colossus’ that guard the entrance. Many Nile cruises also take in Cairo where cruise guests can opt to take a day tour around the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx and learn all about ancient Egyptian civilization. Cairo is the largest Arab city, and is also the home to more modern Muslim and Christian architecture, as well as art galleries and comprehensive museums.

An extended Nile cruise may also take you along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast and to Alexandria, home to the ancient Bibliothecha Alexandria (Library of Alexandria). Some may also offer extended stays in the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh or El Gouna, but wherever you go, a Nile cruise is like taking a trip back through time.

The Nile cruise boats themselves are kitted out with all the best facilities including air-conditioning, fine dining restaurants and sun decks to take in the Nile views. With traditional Egyptian on-board entertainment and food, as well as access to on-board pools, Jacuzzis, spas and gyms, a luxurious Nile cruise would be fit for a king – or indeed a pharaoh.

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