DVNF Announces Shipment Of Supplies And Support

January 7, 2012   Filed under Florida

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) announced today the shipment of supplies and support valued at approximately $141,000 to help women veterans who are homeless in the greater Tampa, Florida area.

The Tampa Crossroads Athena House provides housing for women with 24-hour assistance, counseling, a place to sleep for up to two years and job placement services.

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation shipment includes essential daily supplies such as sweaters, hats, blankets, clothing, water bottles and personal hygiene products. Officials at The Athena House will distribute the truckload of supplies to women veterans who are in need of help at the facility.

“The Athena House is a prime example of invaluable places in the community where many of our women who serve find assistance and a safe and supportive place to sleep,” said Precilla Wilkewitz, President of the DVNF.

“Up to 8,000 women veterans find themselves homeless in America, and there are close to 300 female veterans who are homeless in the Tampa Bay area where The Athena House is making such an important difference.”

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation was founded by women veterans and is dedicated to serving both men and women who serve the country and often find themselves in need of help that is too often lacking in their communities.

Any honorably discharged female veteran is eligible to stay at The Athena House. For more, call 813-248-VETS or go to www.dvnf.org for more information.

On October 4th, 2011, Disabled Veterans National Foundation announced the delivery of winter clothes, water, blankets and personal hygiene products valued at approximately $142,000 to Harbor Homes in Nashua, NH. Harbor Homes serves more than 1,000 clients annually- including residential services for close to 500 people.

Many of those who seek assistance are veterans. Harbor Homes provides residential and supportive services for homeless veterans and their families.

“Our outreach and support this fall has spanned across the nation and we are pleased to be reaching veterans service groups up into the New England states,” said Precilla Wilkewitz, President of the DVNF. “With the colder weather approaching, getting items like blankets and winter clothes to veterans in need is a real priority for the DVNF.”

Learn more about DVNF here.


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