Diversity of Plants and Animals in Cape Town.

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The town is indeed unique in many respects. Flora in Cape Town and its environs are remarkably rich.

It includes about 8500 species of plants, 2600 from which are not found anywhere else (endemic species). On the Table Mountain there are more endemites (1300), than all kinds of plants in the British Isles.

Cape Peninsula – is the world champion on the concentration of plant species and a real Mecca for scientists and botanists.

Local Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden – is one of the richest and most beautiful in the world, and does not have equal to the quantity of endemics at all.

Besides local plants, the newcomers from Europe feel good here: oaks, willows, elm-trees, apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, garnets, apple quince, and plenty of other fruit trees, as well as olive and grapevine.

Viticulture and wine-making – is a fairly developed industry here.

Local wines account for hundreds of varieties; some of them are among the best in the world and sometimes are ahead of the well-known French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian brands.

Animal world around the town is also rich. In spite of the fact that the local climate is the “Mediterranean”, and landscapes resemble southern European, the fauna here – is quite African.

Though lions, tigers, rhinoceros, elephants and camelopards in the surroundings of Cape Town were destroyed in the XVIII century, one can still see behemoths, antelopes, monkeys, zebras, camel-birds, foxes; there are even guepards.

The world of reptiles and arthropods is quite diverse – but they try to stay away from people that cannot be said about the monkeys.

They are sometimes very annoying, especially in areas with large concentrations of tourists, such as the Cape of Good Hope. Their occupation – is to beg (and more often – simply take away) food from tourists.

Having accustomed to the easy catch, monkeys usually cannot eat plants, beetles, etc; they became impudent and even started snooping around from house to house, stealing from the kitchens.

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