Discover How To Use Your Garmin 430 GPS For Private Pilots

June 2, 2011   Filed under Travel

During your flight school attendance, you are going to carefully and consistently cover every bit of material that is going to be needed for the ultimate outcome. This being your check ride for obtaining your Private license. One thing you will very quickly hear about is the GPS system. This is not a historical piece of equipment and yes, you will be required to use them. The only reason there is no repetitive teaching on them is that the knowledge of them is not a requirement for your practical test. This is not something devious that your flight school is trying to pull off. In fact, many pilots do not even use them.

So if you can fly without them then whets the point of having to have and learn about another piece of equipment. After all, there is no shortage of things to learn about when it comes to flying. The concept about flying though is to do it as efficiently yet easily and of course safely as possible. That’s what the GPS system is designed to do. It has some great advantages beside extra assurance on safety such as saving you time, money and even fuel. If you decide that, the GPS system is something you have to have then taken the time to study it and become adept at using it. Like any piece of equipment there are several versions on the market and the GPS systems is no exception to this.

There are very basic systems then top of the line systems that even possess weather radar overlays. For the most part though finding a system that comes somewhere between these two extremes will be the best for you. A good choice would be the Garmin GNS430 and the GNS530. These are very similar in qualifications but the 530 has a larger screen.

If you are just not sure, whether you want to invest either time or money into a GPS system then consider the fact that Garmin makes a training system that will help you become comfortable and familiar with the use of the systems. It’s free of charge and is just a 430 simulator that you attach to your computer. This way you can devote as much of your free time conveniently to your practice of the system. Make good use of the training modules and the simulator and you will become comfortable in no time with the GPS systems. Once you have reached this point and apply your knowledge of it during your flight, you will fully understand the importance and benefits of using one. It’s unlikely that you will feel it was a poor investment on your part. Remember one thing though the GPS is an additional aid it does not or is not meant to replace your primary knowledge in the navigation segment of flying.

It is not a wise move at any time to allow the knowledge your possess of flying to become replaced by a piece of supplementary equipment. These types of equipment are only to be used to assist you in making your flying experience more pleasant.

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