Cottage Rentals In Ontario: Sun Living At The Tip

June 5, 2011   Filed under Hotel

The vacation market in southern Ontario is saturated with lakeside recreational renters who flock to the major cottage country regions in Muskoka, Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton municipalities. The vacation communities cater most frequently to Torontonian sun seekers, due to its close proximity. 2 million people inhabit the cottage rentals in Ontario year after year to escape the daily grind.

An infinite amount of vacation communities dot the coasts along numerous lakes and waterways throughout the country. In the southernmost tip of mainland Canada lays a particular lakeside gem in Leamington ON, called Point Pelee. The picturesque community in Essex County has a variety of bed and breakfasts and lake houses only four hours away from bustling Toronto.

A narrowing pointy land mass at the most southern tip of Leamington, ON, and mainland Canada. It forms into a peninsula poking the northern body of Lake Erie, known colloquially as the Tip. Pristine private beaches round out the edges of this idyllic summer destination. The areas most prominent feature is Point Pelee National Park, north of the peninsula.

Because of annual migratory pattern of bird flight through Leamington, ON, visitors congregate the town to witness the event. It attracts hundreds of bird watchers to the Point Pelee National Park, a land marked destination spot because of its unique connection to the flight of at least 360 species of bird, including the warbler and highly prized Monarch butterfly. To access all the exhibits associated with the event, free shuttle buses accommodate visitors between the national park and the Tip.

The area is a haven for those that visit the nearby national park and enjoy the outdoors. Local and international visitors alike, can find refuge among the stretch of cattails lining the lakes, used for canoeing and kayaking from mid summer to Labor Day. Hikers and cyclists enjoy the numerous self guided trails and a floating boardwalk where painted turtles swim among the marshy waters. Swimmers get refreshment from two main beaches on either side of the peninsula at the southern tip of Leamington, ON.

A ferry service that sails from April through mid December make stops at 4 main ports including the Kingsville, Pelee Island, port of Leamington as well as Sandusky, Ohio. Cars are welcomed onto the boat with prearranged reservations.

Leamington, ON has a peculiar history as an agricultural center, where a bounty of vegetation abound, including the wild growth of tomato plants. An old H. W. Heinz factory still stands there as a testament to its historical significance as the tomato capital of Canada. To commemorate the historical relevance, and usher in the fall harvest, an annual Tomato Festival takes place with much fanfare every August. It is a popular event that holds a golf tournament, car show, beauty pageant, and parade. Craft, food and wine vendors abound at the spirited festival.

Travelers can return to the cottage at days end, watching the extraordinary beauty of the setting fiery sun settling over Lake Erie, from the beach on the peninsula of Leamington. After many varied activities for Leamington and Point Pelee vacationers would hopefully come to the conclusion that the effort to obtain Ontario cottages for rent would be well worth the effort and the beauty of the natural surroundings.

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