Classic White Diamond & Contemporary Blue Sapphire Eternity Rings

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Diamonds are indisputably beautiful, and few rings are as striking as eternity designs. Despite size and style limitations, there are many variations of eternities to choose from, so long as the couple acknowledges the ultimate purpose of the ring: to celebrate the eternity they hope to share with a love as unending as a circle of diamonds.

Setting Styles Because eternity designs have very close-set stones, setting choices can be limited. Prong settings give the ring the appearance of being composed only of diamonds, similar to a pave setting. Channel settings are popular because they are easy to manufacture and hold gems securely. Bar settings place a bar of gold or platinum between each gem or create a pattern among the stones, while more elaborate styles may have curved-S settings, bezels, or even figural settings such as vines, leaves, and flowers.

Diamonds are the most concentrated store of value that exists. They are tangible, portable and liquid investments that investors make privately. Investors can use diamonds without decreasing their value and they pay no property tax on their investment. Diamonds are a long-term, risky investment.

Because full eternity rings have stones around the entire finger, only smaller gems can be used for comfort. Half-eternity rings can use slightly larger stones, but large carat weights may start to resemble three stone rings or bridal sets rather than bands. Because of the number of stones used in eternity bands, the total weight of the band may be far greater than traditional engagement rings, and in order to make rings more affordable many consumers prefer smaller stones.

Types of Stones Diamonds are indisputably the most popular stones, but they are not the only options. Rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, and emeralds are also frequent choices, usually paired with diamonds in an alternating or repeating pattern around the ring. Couples may choose birthstones or other symbolic gems to make the ring more unique and significant.

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