Buying Baby Strollers – How To Choose Wisely

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Buying baby strollers is just one of those difficult tasks you face for a new baby. The task is not made easier by the wide choices that are available. Not only between and within the brands, but also the type of stroller you should buy. This decision needs to taken after a bit of thought about how you mainly intend to use the stroller.

Some people walk much more than use the car, others may need a stroller for rougher terrains. Some would like to integrate baby into their exercise program and perhaps lose that excess baby weight and tone up. If you have one baby, then your choice is wide-ranging, but if you have 2 or 3 little ones, that choice is much narrower.

If you want to run with a stroller, then you need a jogging or running stroller. This type of stroller tends to have a triangular wheel base with two larger wheels at the back and one at the front. Make sure when buying baby strollers like this, to check that it has a wrist strap on the handlebar. Should you be jogging on a downward slope and fall, a wrist strap will ensure the stroller (and baby) doesn’t carry on the journey without you!

If you are frequently in and out of the car all the time, or are buying baby strollers for long distance trips by air, you need an umbrella stroller. These type of strollers are very light, which is a plus when you have to carry them, compact for cargo storage and easy to fold, usually in a single one-handed motion. You will find umbrella strollers aren’t that good for rough terrain, baby may get uncomfortable and you’ll struggle a bit to push it.

All terrain strollers will answer this need. This type of stroller has robust frames, bigger pneumatic tyres that will ensure babies comfort over heavy terrains. Look for a stroller with a swivel front wheel and ensure you have a pump for when you get a flat tyre!! The downside is the size when folded as you may need a large boot to get them in, so do check the folded size and whether the wheels come off easily for this purpose!!

You can also get bike strollers that convert from a standard stroller if you fasten it to the rear wheel of an adult cycle. You will find that they also come with a 5-point harness so baby will be well secured.

A convertible stroller is ideal for newborns. As the name may suggest, this type of stroller it converts from a lie-flat to a sit-up position. Great for toddlers who take frequent naps!

The stroller travel system is also convertible, but in addition, it will have a car seat that hooks on and off so it can be installed in the car. Some models will have a separate pram base as well.

As you would expect, with more than one child, your options are limited to twin or triple strollers. This type of stroller may have a tandem arrangement, side by side for twins or triplets or occasionally a different set up. Naturally, these are bigger so are bulkier and more tricky to fold down.

Buying baby strollers is something you need to think quite carefully about as it can be an expensive but necessary purchase. If the handle height, storage facilities and removable covers are important to you, remember to check these meet your needs before you buy.

Buying baby strollers is a major purchase for your child, but don’t forget to think of your needs as well! Discover more about the choices of available strollers at


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