Brooklyn New York’s Coolest Places To See

November 19, 2011   Filed under Travel

Too many tourists believe that New York City is just the borough of Manhattan but that is not the case! In fact to many native New Yorkers Brooklyn is the “real” New York and you haven’t really been to New York until you’ve been there.

So next time you visit New York, don’t stay in “the city” but instead visit some of these great attractions in Brooklyn.

1. Etsy Labs. The best online store for cool handmade stuff is Etsy and Etsy’s headquarters are in Brooklyn! At 55 Washington St. in the DUMBO neighborhood you can check out Etsy Labs which has some really fun exhibits. If you live in Brooklyn then that’s even better because you can become a member and use all of the cool stuff at this place whenever you like.

2. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. This a cool place to visit for adults and children. Couples usually really enjoy visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens because of the beautiful atmosphere. Some people even get married here!

3. New York Transit Museum. Of course Manhattan is famous for its museums for very good reason but Brooklyn has some great museums too including the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights. Children usually love this place and so do most adults. This museum actually used to be a NYC subway station.

4. Brooklyn Bridge Park. Get a wonderful view of what is arguably the most famous bridge in the United States. The Brooklyn Bridge is among the oldest suspension bridges in the world. It was completed in 1883! For the first 20 years of its existence (up until 1903) it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

5. Coney Island. If you are in Manhattan then Coney Island is a pretty long trip but I still think it is worth going there. If you like roller-coasters then you should take a ride on the Cyclone Coaster which first opened in 1927. Coney Island is also the home of the New York Aquarium.

6. Foster’s Restaurant. There are thousands of restaurants in Brooklyn and I wanted to choose just one for this list so that should let you know what a great place Foster’s Restaurant is. This is some seriously good soul food in the Forte Greene neighborhood. Of course soul food isn’t health food so this probably isn’t a good choice for anyone who is watching their weight.

7. South. This Windsor Terrace bar has fantastic service and a great atmosphere to go along with its fantastic drink specials during Happy Hour. That’s why it’s the most highly ranked bar of the over 500 bars that you can find in Brooklyn!

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