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The Dead Sea is more than just taking funny photos of your family or friends effortlessly floating along the salty waters. This ancient Sea can be found 1300 feet below sea level, making it the lowest point on the planet, which has given it some seemingly magical qualities. The Dead Sea has some incredible beautifying and health benefits, thanks to the mineral-rich water. People have been coming here for thousands of years, and once you come here you’ll soon see why. If you’re on Sharm el Sheikh holidays, then be sure to come here on an excursion.

Queen Cleopatra and King Herod were frequent visitors to this area, which is at the foot of the Judean Hills and facing the Mountains of Moab to the east. They came here for the rejuvenating and cleansing properties of the mud. This mud is so famous, that it is exported all over the world.

Thousands of health conscious tourists now flock to the area, which in recent years has seen a rise in spas. Even people relaxing on Naama bay holidays in Egypt, which has a number of spas, take the two hour plane ride to visit the Dead Sea to enjoy the beauty and health benefits.

The Dead Sea has some rather astonishing health benefits that people come from miles around to take advantage of. If you have an ailment or illness, then consider booking an excursion here whilst on your SSharm el Sheikh holidays to see what benefits the salts and mineral in the water can have for you. It is known to be a particularly good place for respiratory conditions, thanks to the low atmospheric pressure in the area. Also the low level means that you can comfortably sunbathe here as there are very low levels of ultra violet sunlight.

For a unique experience, visit the thermal hot springs at Ein Gedi. These have a constant temperature of 38C and have many detoxifying qualities thanks to the high quantities of bromine and salt. These are both excellent for the skin, and bromine has even been proved to lower blood pressure. It’s worth spending a day here to take advantage of the phenomenal sights and the nearby spas.

Learn more about Naama Bay holidays to go on a trip to the Dead Sea where you can enjoy its healing qualities.


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