You should generally arrive early to the airfield when you're flying

December 15, 2011 by Jerry Dean  
Filed under Airline

It is so much less nerve-wrangling knowing you're checked in and thru security with time to spare. It will give you enough time to utilise the bathroom or grab a snack before the flight starts boarding.

In the winter, particularly, it is smart to keep 2 blankets, some boots, some matches and a massive candle, in the trunk of your car. These could come in extraordinarily convenient if you should chance to skid off the road and find yourself lodged in a snow bank with no chance of immediate rescue. Rope bag.

When traveling by air, hide a store of emergency money in your carry-on bags. This stash will be handy if you run into a worst-case eventuality, like a mugging or pick-pocketing. Make your stash the size of you are feeling ok with, but remember you could need it to purchase food, transportation or even an overnite room.

Make a packing list. Anywhere from a week to a few months before you go on your trip, create a list of the things you absolutely need to pack. Regardless of if you end up packing at the very last minute, this will help you remain organised and avoid…

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