Attacks In The Sport Of Thai-Boxing

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I’m a huge fan of National Geographic’s Fight Quest. And on one of their episodes, they featured the 8 deadly weapons of Muay Thai. I can still remember one of the hosts, who’s also a boxer, saying that a battle between a boxer and a Muay Thai specialist will always end up in favor of the latter. The boxer would always end up laying on the ground unconscious.

Also known around the globe as Thai Boxing, Muay Thai is a very old martial and self defense art that were utilized by warriors of Thailand. Their knees, their fists, feet, and elbows became known as the 8 deadly weapons of Muay Thai.

Nowadays, the popularity of this martial art spread all throughout the globe. Muay Thai is now used by United state’s Navy Seals, Thai Military, and even the CIA! Many other organizations and law enforcement groups have recognized the devastating and bone crushing blows that this self defense art that came all the way from Thailand offers. No Belts

Unlike other martial arts like Karate, Judo, etc. one doesn’t earn belts for increasing their skills and capabilities or for mastering more advanced techniques. Their technique and power is not tested by Kata’s or solo performances in front of the masters. They test it inside the ring.

Muay Thai practitioners are interested only in one belt – the championship belt of the martial arts competition that they joined.

Looking at the martial art more closely, it’s easy to see that these guys don’t care much about grappling or throwing their opponents out of the ring. Instead, they’re more interested in breaking your nose, ribs, and other bones with their crushing kicks, punches, and elbow strikes.

How come Muay Thai doesn’t use grappling?

The reason is simple – this martial art was developed with multiple attackers in mind. Think about it – how effective could you grappling skills be if there are 5, 8, or 10 attackers closing in on you? It’s better to take them down one by one and speedily with your fists, elbows, and legs. Weapons

Like most martial arts, Muay Thai also uses different weapons like swords, spears, sticks, and many others. If you come to battle with these weapons, you definitely don’t want to waste them by taking the battle to the grappling range or down to the ground.

If you want to use these weapons effectively, your movements should be lighting fast, hard, and very accurate…hitting the precise point in the opponent’s body.

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