Are All-Inclusive or Bed and Breakfast Holidays Better?

February 3, 2012   Filed under Travel

Many people swear by all-inclusive resorts and claim to have had some of the best holidays of their lives at them. Others could imagine nothing worse. An included breakfast may be as much as they want and consequently they will only ever stay at bed and breakfasts. But what option is actually better?

All-inclusive resorts allow holiday-makers to pay for as much of their holiday upfront as possible. If you’re planning to eat out every night then underestimating the cost of every meal by as little as just 5 will cost you an extra 70 over a fortnight. All-inclusives also offer its guests the security of always having a quality eating establishment nearby.

The appeal of a bed and breakfast to some lies solely on the fact that they enjoy going out and finding new places to eat and drink. And then there is always the worry that the quality of the food at an all-inclusive may not be satisfactory. Plenty of people might have a bad meal while on holiday, but to have one you don’t enjoy every night would probably ruin it for you.

You can avoid the possibility of turning up to an all-inclusive resort and hating everything on offer by seeing if they have any online menus to show a sample of their food, or looking up user-submitted reviews.

Some people will claim that all-inclusives or bed and breakfast is the best option and never give the other catering style a chance. However, both types offer the holiday-maker with the chance to enjoy a fantastic holiday as long as the selection of food available – whether that’s in the resort or in restaurants near the hotel – is fresh and tasty.

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