Affects of paying a Low Commercial Pilot Salary

January 23, 2012   Filed under Airline

The airline, aviation industry has most definitely entered a new era with the appearance of budget carriers, who’s planes are now cruising our skies in multiple states around the globe. Without any doubt this has given a whole new generation of passengers the facility to utilize air travel thanks to lower ticket costs. So what has changed that permits some airlines to charge tickets at a little part of the price tag compared against others on the same routes?

Let’s use an example so we can more easily clarify how a low cost airline can sell cheaper tickets to their passengers. I will use Singapore Airlines and Air Asia to compare the differences between Airlines and their business structures. While both Airlines fly approximately the same number of routes Singapore Airlines hires about four times the quantity of employees compared with Air Asia.

Air Asia’s staff are paid awfully low salaries and must work much harder compared to their opposite numbers in Singapore Airlines. Now many of you may argue that it’s just a fact of existence that a few individuals will work harder and be paid less than others. I concur with that in the main part in situations where jobs do not have any safety related consequences. Luggage handlers and check in staff as an example. But what about commercial airline pilots, aircraft engineers and cabin attendants who all ultimately hold your safety in their hands.

With the advances in aircraft reliability we don’t here about airline incidences like we used to during the past yet we must still depend on the pilots to take us our destination safely. We expect that the pilot up front is in sound health and well rested for our journey. But is this really the case.

Many pilots around the world in particular those who fly for regional and low cost carriers are paid so very little that they require a second job in order to pay the bills. So perhaps the pilot sitting in the front is not so well rested as he’s been up all night earning his second living. Something to consider when you purchase your next airline ticket.

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